Bespoke Service

If you desire a carpet you have only dreamt of, then it is possible. Our designers are intuitive enough to understand your thought process, and suggest the best options available.

Choose from a wide range of weaving techniques, materials and colour palettes to create your own design. Our designers will help you transform mere ideas into beautiful carpets.
An existing design can also be customised according to your specific desire and need.

Case Study: Project with Pernia

When our founder Aishwarya Gupta was mulling on a sustainable collection from the stable of House of Rugs, she was looking to collaborate with like-minded partners. The first name that came to her mind was Gur Organics of Pernia Qureshi.
Once they connected and discussed matters, it didn’t take much time to get on to the task. It was decided that the Nature-inspired collection will have six rugs, of which four will be made of natural materials and two will be using PET yarn, which is derived from recycled plastic, making it an eco-friendly material.
We left the creative part to Pernia. She sent us the drawings and the exact shades of colours that she wanted us to use. It all happened from remote during the lockdown period last year. Yet it went off very smoothly as Aishwarya and Pernia were in perfect sync vis-à-vis the outcome. There was not going to be any compromise on the aesthetics and quality. Strict attention to details was the only way to achieve the desired outcome.
Our master craftsmen rose to the occasion with their expertise and dedication to their craft. The result is a stunning collection of rugs that exalts a sustainable luxury lifestyle.

Case Study: Mayfair Lake Resort, Raipur

When we were asked to adorn the beautiful Mayfair Lake Resort in Raipur with our carpets, we needed to keep in mind the culturally vibrant city and its crafts heritage. The contemporary luxury resort is set amid lush greenery overlooking a lake, and makes use of the traditional crafts to decorate the outdoors and indoors. So we decided to go for classic style for the carpets to bring in the richness and colours.
To add a definite luxurious and lustrous look to the carpets, we used New Zealand wool. The intricate concentric floral designs that radiate to encompass the entire lobbies give them a rich and opulent look. In the sitting areas too the carpets are densely patterned with nature-inspired bright motifs. In the bedrooms, the carpets are designed to perfectly complement the classic interiors.
We were happy that our designs tied all elements together and truly enriched the classic contemporary environments of the resort hotel.